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    nanoscience and nanotechnology: small is different

Early Stage Researchers

Escalona Noguero

Carmen Escalona Noguero

Research: Protein Engineering
Esteban Lucía

Miguel Esteban Lucía

Research: Micro and Nanoscale Fluidic systems

Joel Fallaque Najar

Research: Modelling Physical Properties of Nanostructures
Fernández Calzado

Adrián Fernández Calzado

Research: Permanent Magnets and Applications
Fernández Gómez

Paula Fernández Gómez

Research: Biosensors and Biologic Chemistry
Fernández González

Claudia Fernández González

Research: Nanostructured electrode fabrication by electrochemical deposition
Fernández Villoria

Francisco Fernández Villoria

Research: Modelling Physical Properties of Nanostructures
Figueruelo Campanero

Ignacio Figueruelo Campanero

Research: Transport in 2D Systems
Galán Oliver

Jesús Galán Oliver

Research: Molecular Nanoscience
García Orrit

Saül García Orrit

Research: Organic Photophysics and Photonics
García Pérez

Cristina García Pérez

Research: Center for Nanofabrication
García Pérez

Julia García Pérez

Research: Quantum Devices and Photonics
Gudin Holgado

Adrian Gudin Holgado

Research: Functional interfaces for Spintronics
Hernández Aycart

Marta Hernández Aycart

Research: Permanent Magnets
Hidalgo López

Juan Francisco Hidalgo López

Research: Ultrafast X-ray Science