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    nanoscience and nanotechnology: small is different

Surnames starting with P

Palmero Rodriguez

Dr. Ester Palmero Rodriguez

Research: Magnetic Materials and 3D-Printing technologies
Pardo Botero

Dr. Zulay Pardo Botero

Research: NMR and Mass Spectroscopy Services
Position: Research Staff
Pedraz Carrasco

Patricia Pedraz Carrasco

Research: Atomic force microscopy
Position: Research Staff
Pérez Álvarez

Prof. Emilio M. Pérez Álvarez

Research: Chemistry of Low-Dimensional Materials
Position: Senior Research Prof.
Pérez Fernández

Elena Pérez Fernández

Position: Administrative Assistant
Peréz García

Dr. Lucas Peréz García

Research: Electrical conductivity of single molecules
Position: Associate Research Professor

Dr. Paolo Perna

Research: Functional interfaces for Spintronics
Position: Assistant Research Prof. (tenure track)
Piñeiro López

Dr. Lucía Piñeiro López

Research: Molecular Nanoscience
Pingarrón Carrazón

Prof. José Manuel Pingarrón Carrazón

Research: Nanomaterials and electrochemical sensors and biosensors
Position: Associate Research Professor

Michele Pisarra

Research: Modelling physical properties of nanostructures
Pizarro Arranz

Dr. Ana María Pizarro Arranz

Research: Metallodrugs in cancer research
Position: Assistant Research Prof.
Plaza García-Abadillo

Ismael Plaza García-Abadillo

Research: Optical and Magnetic Tweezers