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    nanoscience and nanotechnology: small is different

Surnames starting with A


Dr. Abasi Abudulimu

Research: Femtosecond spectroscopy on molecular systems
Acebrón Rodicio

Dr. María Acebrón Rodicio

Research: Hybrid Nanomaterials
Position: Research Staff
Agraït de la Puente

Prof. Nicolás Agraït de la Puente

Research: Electrical transport in nanosytems
Position: Associate Research Professor
Alameda Felgueiras

María Teresa Alameda Felgueiras

Research: Micro and Nanoscale Fluidic systems
Alcamí Pertejo

Prof. Manuel Alcamí Pertejo

Research: Theoretical Study of Molecules on Surfaces
Position: Associate Research Professor
Anadón Barcelona

Dr. Alberto Anadón Barcelona

Research: Functional interfaces for Spintronics
Arché Núñez

Ana Arché Núñez

Research: Neural interfaces
Arenas Mahe

Christine Marie Arenas Mahe

Research: Metallodrugs in cancer research
Position: Technician
Arnáiz Vivas

Dr. Adriana Arnáiz Vivas

Research: Cell Cultures
Position: Research Staff