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[Book chapter] “Recent advances in hard ­ferrite magnets”

On Feb. 5th 2022 the book "Modern Permanent Magnets" (Elsevier) is published, edited by John J. Croat and John Ormerod, and including international experts on the subject -important, both from the academic world and from industry- authoring the different chapters.

The chapter “Recent advances in hard ­ferrite magnets” is coauthored by Alberto Bollero and Ester M. Palmero (Group of Permanent Magnets and Applications at IMDEA Nanociencia). It includes a review of PASSENGER project and its scope.

The book provides an overview of the key developments in the various permanent magnets that have occurred over the past 20 years, including applications and prospects. The book focuses on those families of permanent magnets that today are industrially developed and integrated into different products in energy, transport and medicine.

Extended information on the book can be found through Elsevier website: https://www.elsevier.com/books/modern-permanent-magnets/croat/978-0-323-88658-1 (Book available through Elsevier and also through Amazon – all international sites).