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Nanociencia para contar

Nanociencia para contar is a science outreach programme developed by the IMDEA Nanociencia Foundation, a Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence.

It is an initiative that aims to bring science closer to the elderly, using the knowledge of our researchers in nanoscience so that society as a whole can learn about its various applications.

The development of the programme, beyond fulfilling its didactic purpose, will therefore benefit society as a whole in terms of welfare, contributing to social progress.

The program has two lines of action: 'Nanociencia to-go' and 'Nanociencia entretenida'.

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Nanociencia to-go is an initiative of IMDEA Nanociencia to bring Nanoscience and Nanotechnology to an older generation of students.

After a visit to our facilities, we carry out some simple nanoscience experiments together: the older students are given the chance to experiment the mechanisms that govern nanoscience. They are then able to carry the experiments with them to pass on to their families what they have learned.

Are you a delegate of the University of Experience, and your class wants to visit IMDEA Nanociencia? Write to us and let us know:

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or call us to:

91 299 87 12

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  • "Nanociencia Entretenida" 2022

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Nanociencia entretenida seeks to involve elderly people in nursing homes or day care centers. As in 'Nanociencia to-go', various experiments are carried out, but in this case emphasizing the science-related topics that most appeal to the participants.

The IMDEA Nanociencia Projects Office team and the research staff, together with Dr. Josefa Ros, who specializes in boredom studies, implement small scientific actions, which for the development of the activities have as a storyline a photonovel created for the occasion. Thus, the elderly can follow in an entertaining and fun way, accompanied by videos, the development of the different scientific applications.

In addition, the elderly can also involve their families, especially the younger ones, by means of the didactic materials provided during the activity.

This activity has received funding from the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities through the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology. 

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