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Our research is dedicated to the understanding of Photophysics of Organic and Hybrid Supramolecular Nanosystems. The ultimate goal, i.e. unbiased, targeted design of tailor-made systems for optoelectronics and energy conversion, can only be reached in an interdisciplinary manner, which we tackle in an integrative spectroscopic & computational approach, based on a strong background in chemistry & materials science.

This crossroad approach allows for a thorough and systematic insight into the electronic, optical and photophysical properties of novel conjugated materials in solution, molecular dyads, supramolecular assemblies, to condensed phases, which allow for a detailed understanding of structure-property relationships.

The multi-disciplinary character of the field calls for intense collaboration with synthesists, material scientists, quantum chemists, laser physicists, and device engineers, which we have established in the past years through (inter)national research projects, and Prof. Gierschner's current regular visiting researcher positions at Seoul National University, University of Valencia and an adjunct professorship at the University of Tübingen.