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IMDEA Nanociencia has a workforce of 170, including approx. 140 doctoral candidates, postdocs, scientific researchers and visiting scientists. Every year, new researchers enrol with us while others are leaving us in order take up positions in the international arena.

Our aim is to connect alumni all over the world - regardless of where they are - by setting up a global network of former employees across the scientific disciplines, a platform for sharing both professional and personal experiences.


What does "Alumni and Alumnae" mean?

The word alumnus/alumnae is derived from the Latin word alere and means "nursling" or "pupil". Alumni/Alumnae, the plural form of alumnus/alumna, literally means "the nurtured ones". 


Who are our alumni?

All scientific researchers as well as visiting scientists who spent a research internship at IMDEA Nanociencia; all graduates, doctoral students, fellowship holders and postdocs as well as non-scientific staff.


What do we offer?

IMDEA Nanociencia alumni that feel a sense of community to their former institute can be part of the programme. We offer a network where to stay in contact with former colleagues and develop new links.

IMDEA Nanociencia supports events with and for alumni in manifold ways, including but not limited to the support of early career researchers. Our alumni have access to selected trainings* and the Mentoring Programme. Have a look to the "Alumni activities" section.


Where do our alumni go?

Our Alumni are spread over 15 countries and in research centres such as Lancaster University or companies such as Oxford Nanopore Technologies. Here are some locations of IMDEA Nanociencia alumni now working around the world.