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Metallodrugs to Modulate Cancer Cell Machinery

We take advantage of metal coordination and organometallic chemistry principles to design novel potent metallodrugs. We aim to modulate -at the molecular level- the cancer cell machinery in a controled manner.

Our research has a threefold approach:

  • In a framework of medicinal chemistry, we explore the transition metal block of the periodic table to produce new metallo-organic drug candidates to ultimately halt cancer progression and stop invasion. We focus on cytotoxic activity in conjunction to switchability (activation -and deactivation- of the pharmacophore). Among our best candidates are Ir, Os, Ru, and Rh complexes.
  • To adequately exploit a rational design approach, we develop techniques that help us track the intracellular journey of our metallodrugs in the cell and in a timeline. We seek to combine bulk cell experiments with developmental methodologies based on cryo-single cell techniques, the latter greatly benefitting from the presence of a heavy metal.
  • Our most explorative approach focuses on the use of nanomaterials to enhance specific properties of our drug candidates, such as in-cell catalysis.

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