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    nanoscience and nanotechnology: small is different

Dr. Jaime J. Hernández Rueda

Position: Assistant Researcher (tenure track)
ORCID: 0000-0002-4368-2529
Researcher ID: B-4778-2019
Joining Date: January, 2015
User Name: jaime.hernandez
Telephone: 8878
Hernández Rueda

Jaime Hernández obtained his degree (2005) and PhD in Chemistry (2010) at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He developed his research at the Instituto de la Estructura de la Materia (IEM-CSIC) and moved for postdoctoral stays at the Materials Science Institute of Mulhouse (IS2M-CNRS) (France). His topics of research included studies about the interrelation between structure and properties of polymer nanocomposites or the development of ion conducting membranes based on self-assembly processes, using AFM or synchrotron radiation based techniques for the structural characterization at the nanoscopic level. Currently he belongs to the Nanostructured Functional Surfaces Group at IMDEA Nanociencia where he is involved in the development of multifunctional surfaces.