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Management Structure

The Board of Trustees appoints a Director with executive powers whom is responsible for leading all operations and organizing the activities and strategies of the foundation in line with its foundational objectives. Since its establishment the Director of IMDEA Nanociencia has been Prof. Rodolfo Miranda. Reporting to the Director, the Vice Director assists in main decision-making and in institutional outreach and communication. The Vice Director of the Institute is Prof. Nazario Martín.

The Director, the Vice Director and the SAC ensure that the science and related activities at IMDEA Nanociencia are of the highest-international standard and that resources allocated to the institute are used to maximum benefit.
The Executive Manager is in charge of the daily management of the center and operations reporting directly to the Director and with a team of Administration experts in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Project Management, Industrial Liaison, Maintenance and Infrastructure.

The Executive Commission is composed by six members including the Vice Director, three Deputy Directors for strategy, infrastructure and outreach, respectively, plus the Executive Manager. This Executive Commission is chaired by the Director and acts as the main executive body and discusses day to day as well as longer term initiatives and proposes solutions.

The Scientific Programme Committee is composed by the Managers of the existing Research Programmes and its role is to help the Director coordinate the evolution, achievement and needs of the different Programmes. With this input plus the evaluations and additional advice of the SAC, the Direction of the Centre, after discussion with the Executive Commission, takes relevant decisions affecting resources, funding, space, human resources, and infrastructures. The Director also, as advised by the SAC and Programme Committee, as proposed to the Board of Trustees important developments affecting programmes or research lines and has planned International Open Calls in which the needed experts were selected and recruited. The corresponding decisions are taken by the Director and presented to the Board of Trustees, the body that eventually approves them.