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  • The outreach project ‘Nanociencia para contar’ at the D+i Innovative Dissemination Days

The outreach project ‘Nanociencia para contar’ at the D+i Innovative Dissemination Days


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Patricia López in the round table ‘¿Tienes un minuto?’ of the Innovative Dissemination Days D+i (Zaragoza). Image: Jornadas D+i Zaragoza.

  • IMDEA Nanociencia's dissemination project 'Nanoscience to tell' was the protagonist during the D+i Innovative Dissemination Conference held in Zaragoza.
  • The D+i Conference brings together various innovative dissemination projects on the 1st and 2nd of December.
  • The project turns the people who have the most time into communicators: the elderly.

Madrid, December 22nd, 2023. The dissemination project 'Nanoscience to tell' was present at the D+i Conference on Innovative Dissemination, held in Zaragoza on 1 and 2 December. Patricia López, project manager at IMDEA Nanociencia, presented this project during the tenth anniversary of the conference, during the Dialogue "Do you have a minute?". Josefa Ros Velasco, postdoctoral researcher and expert in Boredom and key collaborator in the outreach project, also participated in the dialogue, presenting her project on boredom in the public.

The Innovative Dissemination Days ‘Jornadas D+i’They are an event that brings together outreach projects to discover science where you don't expect it. They are held annually in Zaragoza, and welcome visitors and those interested in science, who can attend the dialogues and many other activities organized around this motto.

Since 2018, IMDEA Nanoscience has turned the people who have the most time, the elderly, into disseminators; Taking advantage of boredom! Seniors learn science, and then share it with family and friends through take-away science experience kits. This year 2023 alone, more than 100 people from 3 different institutions (University of Experience, Cultural Activities for the Elderly of the Madrid City Council) have been participants in this very special project.

This IMDEA Nanoscience outreach project has received funding from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) on three occasions: 1) "Nanoscience to-go" and the take-away experience kits; 2) "Entertaining Nanoscience", bringing science to nursing homes, and 3) "Nanoscience to Count", with scientific visual and interactive elements, prepared especially for the older elderly: those institutionalized in nursing homes.

To this end, the IMDEA Nanociencia Outreach Office has teamed up with Dr. Josefa Ros, MSCA postdoctoral researcher at the UCM, specialist in Boredom Studies, 2022 María Moliner National Research Award for young people and Julián Marías 2020 Award of the Community of Madrid, to bring science to a wider audience and at the same time help combat boredom in nursing homes,  Factor Believed to Be Behind Decline in Aging.

This dissemination action of IMDEA Nanociencia aims to facilitate the participation of society, specifically the elderly, one of the least common sectors in dissemination activities, and to promote scientific education, both formally and informally.

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Source: IMDEA Nanociencia.

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