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How to get published

Dr Siddharth Jethwa (IOP Publishing)
Friday, 28 June 2024 12:00

Place: conference room, IMDEA Nanociencia. 


Getting published is an essential part of the research process and
knowing what to look out for and how it all works can open new
opportunities for you and help advance science. 

In this talk we will give you the historical background of the
scientific publishing industry and trends that are shaping it today.
We’ll also cover the entire journey of a paper from writing, peer
review, and publication to maximize the impact and visibility of your
work. At the Q&A session following the talk, we will be happy to
answer any questions you may have about scientific publishing.

Topics will include: 

     * How to choose your journal 
    * Open Access and Transformative Agreements  
    * How to write your article 
    * The peer review process 
    * Publication ethics 
    * Promoting your research.

Short biography: 

Dr Siddharth Jethwa is Subject Commissioning Editor for the
Materials Portfolio at IOP Publishing, covering the journals 2D
Materials, Nanotechnology, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter and J
Phys D. He received his doctorate in Surface Chemistry from the
University of St Andrews and also undertook three years of Post-doctoral
research at the iNANO centre, Aarhus University in Denmark, researching
the self-assembly of molecules on surfaces using STM.