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  • The IMDEA Nanoscience Open Science Project receives funding from FECYT's María de Guzmán call

The IMDEA Nanoscience Open Science Project receives funding from FECYT's María de Guzmán call


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  • IMDEA Nanociencia receives impulse from the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) to reinforce the promotion of Open Science.
  • The project "María de Guzmán 2020-2021" will serve to improve the technological fitting and quality of the open repository of IMDEA Nanociencia.
  • Actions are also planned to improve researchers' knowledge of Open Science with a focus on Horizon Europe and the European Science Cloud.

Madrid, April 7th 2022. The Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Nanoscience (IMDEA Nanociencia) receives the "María de Guzmán 2021" grant, financed by the Government of Spain through the State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research 2021-2023 and granted by FECYT, to improve technological training and the quality of the digital infrastructure of archives of research results in open access:  the institutional repository of IMDEA Nanociencia.

The call "María de Guzmán 2020-2021", endowed with € 2.9 M, is established this year with a double objective: to promote the use of databases of multidisciplinary bibliographic references with citations and impact that allow an optimal management and measurement of research results to promote and favor scientific research of excellence. And, for the first time, to contribute to improving the technological training, quality and interoperability of institutional digital infrastructures of scientific information, in the field of open science, under the new 2nd Line of Action.

The IMDEA Nanociencia project “Nanociencia Abierta”, funded under Line 2. "Promotion of open science: infrastructures and technological training" seeks to increase the self-archiving and archiving of research results, both scientific publications and other research results, especially data, as well as to improve the quality and enrich the description of new and existing results in the Repository. To achieve this objective, two parallel routes are proposed: firstly, the strengthening and improvement of the institutional infrastructure for the deposit of archives, and secondly, the training of the personnel involved with the infrastructure, both education in the field of Open Science and training in the technical aspects of the archiving of results. All this will result in the internationalization and interoperability of research results, giving greater dissemination and scope to them, and implementing an Open Science model within IMDEA Nanociencia.

The call is aimed at universities, health institutions, technology centers and public or private research organizations. The proposal of the Madrid research institute IMDEA Nanociencia has received one of the best scores in its line of action, placing third nationally.

The institutional repository of IMDEA Nanociencia

The repository of IMDEA Nanociencia is the institutional infrastructure that gathers and preserves in an organized way the scientific production of the institute since 2019 with the intention of disseminating and giving visibility to the results of research in Open Access. The Repository is an IMDEA Nanociencia project that is supported by the Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence Award, granted to IMDEA Nanociencia for the first time in 2017, and will now receive an important boost thanks to the María de Guzmán 2021 project.

In its commitment to the dissemination of results, IMDEA Nanociencia offers through the repository free access without payment or registration barriers to all its content including metadata and content. In addition, it has made available to the national and international aggregators Recolecta and OpenAIRE, respectively, all the metadata for collection, which they currently collect and index periodically. The Repository complies with the requirements of Open Access and is therefore indexed in the OpenDOAR global list as a trusted repository.

Open Science Day

As part of the actions of the "Nanociencia Abierta" project funded by the María de Guzmán 2021 call of FECYT, IMDEA Nanociencia has organized an Open Science day to be held on May 12th, 2022 in a hybrid way (face-to-face at IMDEA Nanociencia and with telematic access for those who cannot access in person),  and that it will have the contribution of experts in the field of Open Science to inform those researchers interested in the most relevant aspects of Open Access to the results of research, with a focus on Horizon Europe. More information about the event, and the program, will be published on the website and will be announced accordingly through the center's communication channels.

 With the " Nanociencia Abierta" project, IMDEA Nanoscience plans to be at the forefront of Open Science, thus serving the chain of transfer between scientific research and technological development, complying with national and European policies on Open Access and with a clear focus on Horizon Europe and the European Science Cloud. All this will favor and promote research of excellence in IMDEA Nanociencia, Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence since 2017.

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To the call: https://convocatoriamariadeguzman.fecyt.es/Publico/index.aspx

To IMDEA Nanociencia Repository: https://repositorio.imdeananociencia.org/



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