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  • IMDEA Nanociencia hosts the event of the Spanish Association Against Cancer AECC on the occasion of the 'World Cancer Research Day'

IMDEA Nanociencia hosts the event of the Spanish Association Against Cancer AECC on the occasion of the 'World Cancer Research Day'


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From left to right: Esther Díez, Cuca Vargues, Isabel Orbe, Álvaro Somoza, Rodolfo Miranda y Ana Pizarro.


Madrid, 22nd of September, 2023. On the occasion of World Cancer Research Day, which takes place every September 24, the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) has organized an event to convey the absence of a clear cancer strategy in Spain and the need for researchers to have the same opportunities and conditions as their counterparts in countries where research is a priority.

The event, which took place at the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Nanoscience (IMDEA Nanociencia) in Madrid, was attended by Prof. Rodolfo Miranda, director of IMDEA Nanociencia and professor of the Department of Condensed Matter Physics (UAM), Isabel Orbe, general director of the AECC and the Scientific Foundation, Dr. Ana Pizarro,  principal investigator of the Metallopharmaceuticals Group at IMDEA Nanociencia, Prof. Álvaro Somoza, principal investigator of the Nanobiotechnology Group at IMDEA Nanociencia, Cuca Vargues, lung cancer patient and moderated by Esther Díez, director of communication of the AECC.

At the end of the talk, a guided tour of the research center was made to know in detail how is the day to day of these centers and how they work for and for people with cancer. At IMDEA Nanociencia, several cancer research projects are developed, within the strategic line "Nanotechnology for Healthcare". One of the research groups is the Metallopharmaceuticals Group, led by Dr. Ana Pizarro, which investigates how to modulate processes in breast cancer cells, at the molecular level, making use of metalorganic chemistry, with the aim of developing more powerful drugs against cancer. In the Nanobiotechnology Group, led by Prof. Álvaro Somoza, oligonucleotides and drugs are used to develop advanced nanostructures, which can be used for diagnosis and therapy of pancreatic cancers, uvean melanoma, and other types of diseases. Álvaro Somoza has received help from the AECC to develop a research project that uses sensors to detect uvean melanoma, as well as drug and nucleic acid vehicles for its treatment.

IMDEA Nanociencia is an interdisciplinary research center in Madrid dedicated to the exploration of Nanoscience and the development of applications of Nanotechnology in connection with other research institutions and innovative industries. IMDEA Nanociencia is a Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence, the highest distinction of research excellence in Spain, since 2017.

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