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Companies starting with R

Rodríguez Cabezas

Isabel Rodríguez Cabezas

Position: Accounting and Finance Manager

Dr. Gorjana Rackov

Research: NanoOncology

Dr. Amalia Rapakousiou

Research: Chemistry of Low-Dimensional Materials
Redondo Castilla

Ivan Redondo Castilla

Research: Helium Facility
Position: Technician
Resines Urien

Esther Resines Urien

Research: Switchable nanomaterials
Rial Rodriguez

Javier Rial Rodriguez

Research: Critical raw materials
Rincón García

Laura Rincón García

Research: Nanoelectronics & Superconductivity
Rodilla González

Beatriz Loreto Rodilla González

Research: Electrical conductivity of single molecules

Héctor Rodríguez

Research: Optical nanomanipulation in molecular and cell biophysics
Rodríguez Fanjul

Dr. Vanessa Rodríguez Fanjul

Research: Cell Cultures
Position: Research Staff
Rodríguez Fernández

Prof. Isabel Rodríguez Fernández

Research: Micro & nano technologies for biomedical applications
Position: Senior Research Prof.
Rodríguez Osorio

Dr. Manuel Rodríguez Osorio

Research: Nanofabrication
Position: Research Staff
Rodriguez Pulido

Carlos Rodriguez Pulido

Research: Optical and magnetic tweezers

Dr. Alberto Rodriguez-Pulido

Research: Genetically-encoded singlet oxygen photosensitizers
Rubia Rodríguez

Irene Rubia Rodríguez

Research: Hypertermia
Position: PhD Student