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    nanoscience and nanotechnology: small is different

Companies starting with M

Macua Jiménez

Paloma Macua Jiménez

Position: Administrative Assistant

María Teresa Magaz Pérez

Research: Quantum Devices and Photonics
Position: Technician
Manzaneda González

Vanesa Manzaneda González

Research: Optical Nanomanipulation
Martín Fuentes

Cristina Martín Fuentes

Research: Nanoarchitectures at Surfaces
Martin García

Prof. Fernando Martin García

Research: Modelling physical properties of nanostructures
Position: Associate Research Professor
Martín Jiménez

Alberto Martín Jiménez

Research: Scanning Probe Microscopies and Surfaces
Martín León

Prof. Dr. Nazario Martín León

Research: Nanocarbons and Organic Photovoltaics
Martín López

Andrea Martín López

Research: Helium Facility
Position: Technician
Martín Romano

Juan Carlos Martín Romano

Research: MBE growth of magnetic and organic thin films and nanostructures. Photoelectron Microscopy
Martínez Navarro

Rosa María Martínez Navarro

Research: Metallodrugs
Martínez Ramírez

Dr. Isidoro Martínez Ramírez

Research: Biosensor Organization and Characterization
Marzoa Camarero

Victor Marzoa Camarero

Research: Semiconductor Nanostructures and Nanophotonics
Mena Hernando

Sofía Mena Hernando

Research: Chemistry of Low-Dimensional Materials

Dr. Mariela Andrea Menghini

Research: Transport in 2D Systems