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Companies starting with C

Casillas Sanchez

Dr. Jose Luis Casillas Sanchez

Position: Maintenance and Infrastructure Manager
Cabanillas González

Dr. Juan Cabanillas González

Research: Pump probe and photoinduced absoption spectroscopies
Position: Research Prof.
Cabrera Carrasco

David Cabrera Carrasco

Research: Magnetic nanoparticles in biomedical applications
Calleja Mitjá

Dr. Fabián Calleja Mitjá

Research: Spin-Polarized STM
Position: Tenure-track Researcher
Camarero de Diego

Prof. Julio Camarero de Diego

Research: Growth and characterization of magnetic nanomaterials
Position: Associate Research Professor
Cano Reol

Dr. Daniel Cano Reol

Research: Nanooptics and Nanoacoustics
Carrasco Burgos

Dr. Esther Carrasco Burgos

Research: Molecular Nanoarchitectonics at Surfaces
Position: Postdoctoral Researcher
Carrasco Gento

Ana Cristina Carrasco Gento

Research: Metallodrugs
Casado Rojo

Dr. Santiago Casado Rojo

Research: AFM Service
Position: Research Staff
Castellanos Gómez

Dr. Andrés Castellanos Gómez

Research: 2D Materials
Position: Tenure-track Researcher
Castellanos Molina

Dr. Milagros Castellanos Molina

Research: Protein Biophysics
Castillo Díaz

Paloma Castillo Díaz

Position: Director´s Assistant
Castro Smirnov

Dr. José Raúl Castro Smirnov

Research: Time resolved Optical Spectroscopy