The scattering of atomic and molecular beams off single crystal surfaces provides us with a wealth of information on the dynamics of surfaces: phonon dispersions, sticking coefficients, atom reflectivity, localized surface vibrations or kinetic control of growth processes both for clean surfaces and for surfaces with adsorbed layers.

Senior co-worker: Prof. Daniel Farías

Key publications
  • Observation of Localized Vibrational Modes of Graphene Nanodomes by Inelastic Atom Scattering  
    • Maccariello, D.; Al Taleb, A.; Calleja, F.; et al. 
    • Nano Lett. 16 (1), 2-7 (2016)
  • “Evidence for acoustic-like plasmons on epitaxial graphene on Pt(111) “
 A. Politano, A. R. Marino, V. Formoso, D. Farias, R. Miranda and G. Chiarello
    •  Phys. Rev. B  84, 033401 (2011). 
  • Electronic and geometric corrugation of periodically rippled, self-nanostructured graphene epitaxially grown on Ru(0001) “
    •  B. Borca, Barja, Sara; Garnica, Manuela; et al. 
    • New J. Phys. 12, 093018 (2010)