A multidisciolinary team coordinated by Prof. Miranda is developing magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) with optimized properties as powerful and minimally-invasive theranostic tools. The equipment required to apply the chosen magnetic field and measure the heat produced by the MNPs is also developed by the team.

Multifunctionalized magnetic nanoparticles selectively target tumors for multimodal treatments as drug nanocarriers and heating inductors, and are also used as contrast agents for ultrasensitive imaging. The preparation and detailed characterization of specially designed MNPs which display a high heating potential and are functionalized with both cell internalization and chemotherapeutic agents has led to a dramatic improvement in the efficiency of magnetic hyperthermia of breast cancer treatments in animal models

Senior co-workers: Dr. Alvaro Somoza, Dr. Gorka Salas, Dr. Francisco J. Terán

Key publications
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