Interfacial exchange-coupling induced chiral symmetry breaking of spin-orbit effects

Perna, P.; Ajejas, F.; Maccariello, D.; et al.

PHYSICAL REVIEW B  92   Issue: 22, 220422  (2015)

Surface-Supported Robust 2D Lanthanide-Carboxylate Coordination Networks

Urgel, Jose I.; Cirera, Borja; Wang, Yang; et al.

SMALL 11   Issue: 47   Pages: 6358-6364 (2015)

G -force induced giant efficiency of nanoparticles internalization into living cells

S.M. Ocampo, V. Rodriguez, , L.de la Cueva, Gorka Salas, J.L. Carrascosa, J. M. Rodriguez, N.. Garcia-Romero, Jose Luis, F. Cunado, J. Camarero, R. Miranda

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS  Volume: 5     Article Number: 15160   Published: OCT 19 2015

Low energy excitations of graphene on Ru(0001)

D. Maccariello, D. Campi, A. Al Taleb, D. Farias, G: benedek, M. Bernasconi and R. Miranda

Carbon 93, 1-10 (2015)

Efficient treatment of breast cancer xenografts with multifunctionalized iron oxides nanoparticles combining magnetic hyperthermia and anticancer drug delivery

S. Kossatz, P. Couleaud, A. Latorre, A. Aires, H. Dahring, A. Lázaro, M. Calero, A. Somoza, A.L Cortajarena, R. Miranda and I. Helger

Breast Cancer Research 17, 65 (2015)

Vectorial-magneto optical kerr effect technique combined with variable temperature and full angular range all in a single setup

J. L. F Cuñado, Pedrosa, J., Ajejas, F., Bollero, A., Perna, P., F.J. Teran, R. Miranda and J. Camarero.

Rev. Sci. Instrum. 86, 046109 (2015)

Temperature-controlled metal/ligand stoichiometric ratio in Ag-TCNE coordination networks

J. Rodriguez-Fernandez, K. Lauwaet, M. Á. Herranz, N. Martín, J. M. Gallego, R. Miranda and R. Otero

J. Phys. Chem. C 142 (10) 101930 (2015)

Spatial variation of Giant Spin Orbit effect induces electron confinement in graphene on Pb islands

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Nature Physics 11, 43-47 (2015)