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Board of Trustees

The Foundation IMDEA Nanociencia was inscribed on February 13th 2007 as a non-profit organization while establishing a Board of Trustees as its top governing body.

The Board of Trustees is the sovereign body that legally presides and oversees the Binding Governing Structure of IMDEA Nanoscience and has full control and authority over all matters affecting the Foundation. According with Spanish Law the Board of Trustees was established at the same time as the Foundation itself and currently has the following 17 members. Representaciones Institucionales del Patronato

Board of Trustees

  • President of the Board of Trustees 
    • Prof. Dr. Ivan K. Schuller
      University of California-San Diego, USA
  • Native Trustees
    • Mr. Rafael van Grieken Salvador
      Chancellor for Education
      Madrid Regional Government, Spain
    • Mr. José Manuel Torralba Castelló
      Director General of Universities and Research Madrid Regional Government, Spain
    • Mr. Rafael García Muñoz
      Deputy Director General for Research
      Madrid Regional Government, Spain
    • Mr. José de la Sota Rius
      Deputy Director of the Madrimasd Foundation, 
  • Institutional Trustees
    • Mrs. Marina Villegas García
      General Director for Scientific and Technical Research 
      Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Spain
    • Mr. Clemente Jose López Bote
      Vicedirector for Research Projects
      Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Spain
  • University and Public Research Bodies Trustees
    • Prof. Paloma Adeva Ramos
      Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Spain
    • Prof. J.M. Pingarrón Carrazón
      Complutense University of Madrid. Spain
    • Prof. Rafael Garesse Alarcón
      Autónoma University of Madrid. Spain
    • Prof. Fernando Calle
      Polytechnic University of Madrid. Spain
  • Scientific Trustees
    • Prof. Luis Echegoyen
      University of Texas at El Paso, USA
    • Prof. Héctor D. Abruña
      Cornell University, USA.
    • Prof. Cayetano López Martínez
      CIEMAT, Spain.
    • Prof. Miquel Salmerón Batallé
      University of California, Berkeley, USA.
  • Expert Trustees
    • Dr. Jerry B. Torrance
      Consultant-advisor and expert in Technology Transfer in Nanoscience. State of California and the National Nanotechnology Initiative
  • Company Trustees
    • Mrs. Silvia Cristina López Vidal y Mr. D. Emilio Ramiro Arcas
      Ramem, S.A
    • Mr. Pedro Golmayo Fernández
      GMV Aerospace and Defense
    • Mr. Valentín Ruíz Santa Quiteria Serrano
      REPSOL, S.A.