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Manipulating energy transfer processes in molecular materials systems

Prof. Soo Young Park
Seoul National University
Viernes, 06 Septiembre 2019 12:00

IMDEA Nanociencia Conference Hall

Energy transfer processes in molecular systems are exploited for the energy harvesting, luminescence sensing, switching, and amplification to list a few. First, we have developed many different luminescent molecular systems which can be color-tuned or on-off switched by the energy transfer to the photochromic energy acceptor. By using the molecular emitters showing the enhanced emission in the solid state, we could demonstrate highly luminescent organic nanoparticles, polymer films, and metal-coordinated frameworks with extremely high switching contrast. Second, molecular systems for stimuli-responsive luminescence switching were developed which are driven by the modulated energy transfer processes via external stimuli like the mechanical forces, pH, temperature etc. Third, we have developed a novel and unique molecular emitter systems where the energy transfer between the molecules are completely frustrated to give the independent emission from each other.  This ‘molecular pixel’ challenge could be realized by strategically depleting the ground state of the energy acceptor in the specifically designed Ir(III) complex or excited-state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) molecules. In this presentation, I will give a broad overview on these novel strategies of manipulating energy transfer processes in molecular materials system.