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Conformational disorder and ultrafast exciton relaxation in PPV-family conjugated polymers

Dykstra, T.E., Hennebicq, E., Beljonne, D., Gierschner, J., Claudio, G., Bittner, E.R., Knoester, J., Scholes, G.D.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B , 2009 , 113 , 656 667 ,DOI: 10.1021/jp807249b

High domain wall velocity at zero magnetic field induced by low current densities in spin valve nanostripes

Pizzini, S., Uhlíř, V., Vogel, J., Rougemaille, N., Larlbi, S., Cros, V., Jiménez, E., Camarero, J., Tieg, C., Bonet, E., Bonfim, M., Mattana, R., Deranlot, C., Petroff, F., Ulysse, C., Faini, G., Fert, A.
Applied Physics Express , 2009 , 2 ,DOI: 10.1143/APEX.2.023003

Excitonic versus electronic couplings in molecular assemblies: The importance of non-nearest neighbor interactions

Gierschner, J., Huang, Y.-S., Van Averbeke, B., Cornil, J., Friend, R.H., Beljonne, D.
Journal of Chemical Physics , 2009 , 130 ,DOI: 10.1063/1.3065267

Supramolecular chemistry of π-extended analogues of TTF and carbon nanostructures

Pérez, E.M., Illescas, B.M., Herranz, M.Á., Martín, N.
New Journal of Chemistry , 2009 , 33 , 228 234 ,DOI: 10.1039/b816272g

Spectroscopic signatures for planar equilibrium geometries in methyl-substituted oligothiophenes

Macchi, G., Medina, B.M., Zambianchi, M., Tubino, R., Cornil, J., Barbarella, G., Gierschner, J., Meinardi, F.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics , 2009 , 11 , 984 990 ,DOI: 10.1039/b810915j

Molecular vs. inorganic spintronics: The role of molecular materials and single molecules

Camarero, J., Coronado, E.
Journal of Materials Chemistry , 2009 , 19 , 1678 1684 ,DOI: 10.1039/b819594n

The influence of surface functionalization on the enhanced internalization of magnetic nanoparticles in cancer cells

Villanueva, A., Cãete, M., Roca, A.G., Calero, M., Veintemillas-Verdaguer, S., Serna, C.J., Del Puerto Morales, M., Miranda, R.
Nanotechnology , 2009 , 20 ,DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/20/11/115103

Reactivity of periodically rippled graphene grown on Ru(0001)

Borca, B., Calleja, F., Hinarejos, J.J., Vzquez De Parga, A.L., Miranda, R.
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter , 2009 , 21 ,DOI: 10.1088/0953-8984/21/13/134002

Ordering fullerenes at the nanometer scale on solid surfaces

Sánchez, L., Otero, R., Gallego, J.M., Miranda, R., Martin, N.
Chemical Reviews , 2009 , 109 , 2081 2091 ,DOI: 10.1021/cr800441b

Atomic jumps during surface diffusion

Ferrón, J., Miranda, R., De Miguel, J.J.
Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics , 2009 , 79 ,DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.79.245407

Quantum oscillations in surface properties

Vázquez de Parga, A.L., Hinarejos, J.J., Calleja, F., Camarero, J., Otero, R., Miranda, R.
Surface Science , 2009 , 603 , 1389 1396 ,DOI: 10.1016/j.susc.2008.08.039

Dynamics of quartz tuning fork force sensors used in scanning probe microscopy

Castellanos-Gomez, A., Agrat, N., Rubio-Bollinger, G.
Nanotechnology , 2009 , 20 ,DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/20/21/215502

Thermal stability of Cu and Fe nitrides and their applications for writing locally spin valves

Navío, C., Alvarez, J., Capitan, M.J., Camarero, J., Miranda, R.
Applied Physics Letters , 2009 , 94 ,DOI: 10.1063/1.3159630

Dynamics of guest molecules in PHTP inclusion compounds as probed by solid-state NMR and fluorescence spectroscopy

Srinivasan, G., Villanueva-Garibay, J.A., Müller, K., Oelkrug, D., Milian Medina, B., Beljonne, D., Cornil, J., Wykes, M., Viani, L., Gierschner, J., Martinez-Alvarez, R., Jazdzyk, M., Hanack, M., Egelhaaf, H.-J.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics , 2009 , 11 , 4996 5009 ,DOI: 10.1039/b820604j

Efficient deep-red light-emitting electrochemical cells based on a perylenediimide-iridium-complex dyad

Costa, R.D., Céspedes-Guirao, F.J., Ortí, E., Bolink, H.J., Gierschner, J., Fernández-Lázaro, F., Sastre-Santos, A.
Chemical Communications , 2009 , 3886 3888 ,DOI: 10.1039/b905367k

High Curie temperature for La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films deposited on CeO2 /YSZ-based buffered silicon substrates

Perna, P., Méchin, L., Chauvat, M.P., Ruterana, P., Simon, Ch., Scotti Di Uccio, U.
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter , 2009 , 21 ,DOI: 10.1088/0953-8984/21/30/306005

The adsorption of atomic N and the growth of copper nitrides on Cu(1 0 0)

Écija, D., Gallego, J.M., Miranda, R.
Surface Science , 2009 , 603 , 2283 2289 ,DOI: 10.1016/j.susc.2009.04.039

Spatial control of 3D energy transfer in supramolecular nanostructured host-guest architectures

Viani, L., Tolbod, L.P., Jazdzyk, M., Patrinoiu, G., Cordella, F., Mura, A., Bongiovanni, G., Botta, C., Beljonne, D., Cornil, J., Hanack, M., Egelhaaf, H.-J., Gierschner, J.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B , 2009 , 113 , 10566 10570 ,DOI: 10.1021/jp904415z

Emergence of noncollinear anisotropies from interfacial magnetic frustration in exchange-bias systems

Jiménez, E., Camarero, J., Sort, J., Nogués, J., Mikuszeit, N., García-Martín, J.M., Hoffmann, A., Dieny, B., Miranda, R.
Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics , 2009 , 80 ,DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.80.014415

Electronic structure of small band gap oligomers based on cyclopentadithiophenes and acceptor units

Karsten, B.P., Bijleveld, J.C., Viani, L., Cornil, J., Gierschner, J., Janssen, R.A.J.
Journal of Materials Chemistry , 2009 , 19 , 5343 5350 ,DOI: 10.1039/b901374a