General Information



Conference room is located in the IFT-ICMAT building, right behind IMDEA nanociencia building. Here is your close-up plan: Flag 1 is the IMDEA nanociencia building. The main entrance is located at the arrow end. Flag 2 is the IFT-ICMAT building. IFT stands for Theoretical Physics Institute, and ICMAT stands for Institute of Mathematical Science.

Daily shuttle bus has been arranged for getting you from Plaza Castilla to Venue (see in MML2019 website or click here)

The shuttle bus from Plaza Castilla stops more or less near the red arrow’s starting point. From there, you have to directly go to IFT building for the oral presentations. There will be panels indicating where to check in for the conference. With your badge you will be allowed to access to the main hall. The conference room is clearly visible on your left, but another panel will be there to indicate it.

Coffee breaks will take place in the same room where you have checked in, so it will be easy to find it.

Poster sessions will take place at IMDEA nanociencia, and you will have to access through the main entrance.


At the conference check in desk you will have to identify yourself. We will give you the welcome pack and the badge.

Remember that on-site registration is on a one-by-one basis, and the only way to pay in this case is by credit card.

If you are student, please bring a certificate that you are student with you, in special if you applied for scholarship or, if having not applied, you would like to ask us if you are still on time.


Moving inside the campus is easy. In general distances are short, but take into account that traversing all the campus will take you around 15 minutes walking, and this is the case for going from the train station to IMDEA nanociencia and IFT building. Important: it is June in Madrid; we expect clear sky and striking sun, prepare your sun cream!!!

In the programme book you can find a map where the most important things in the campus are indicated. Some facilities are described here in brief.

Campus Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor concentrates some important services you need to know, just in case:

  • Pharmacy
  • Medical service (first aids, and minor health events)
  • Main lunch service, self service
  • Two restaurants
  • Copy/Print service
  • Computer Shop
  • Foreign student information center

(There is also another train station with Copy/Print service).


Many cafeterias and restaurants can be found in the campus. We only specified in the programme book the closest to the venue.

IMDEA cafeteria is pretty small and used to be crowded. We strongly recommend the other options, to avoid long time waiting for a seat.

In the main lunch restaurant in Plaza Mayor, you can find standard menu as well as pizza, cakes and drinks. Inside this restaurant you will also find a small shop with basic things like tissues, bath gel, snacks, etc.

There is a self-service in the Erasmo Residence (not mentioned in the programme book), where you will also enjoy nice views towards Madrid, while taking an afternoon beer. This cafeteria has a small shop inside as well.


During your check in at the conference desk you will be asked:

1.- If you will attend the dinner.

2.- If you have any allergy to any food. You must indicate this also in the restaurant.


IFT institute is provided with WI-FI. The network available here is EDUROAM, and there is no GUEST network, unfortunately. Those of you with EDUROAM access will not have problem to connect.


Emergency number: 112.

The Campus emergency number: 1000.

IMDEA nanociencia reception desk: +34912998700

If you have any trouble in the campus, let us know and we will try to help you.