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RANN (Reunión de Ácidos Nucleicos y Nucleósidos) is the Spanish biannual meeting on nucleic acids and nucleosides. Next time, it will take place at IMDEA Nanoscience (Madrid).

One of the aims of the meeting is to promote the interaction between young and senior researchers in a friendly atmosphere.

Invited Lectures

Prof. Jean-Jacques Toulmé (Inserm, France)
Sponsored by the Chemical Biology Group (GEQB-RSEQ) of the Royal Society of Chemistry of Spain (RSEQ)
Structure-switching aptamers: detecting targets with a kiss

Prof. Philipp Holliger (Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK)
Synthetic genetics: beyond DNA and RNA

Prof. Chris Meier (Universität Hamburg, Germany)
Developing Prodrugs of antivirally active Nucleoside Triphosphates - Against all odds, it works!