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    nanoscience and nanotechnology: small is different
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  • Applied Nanomagnetics Group
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- Dedicated super-workstation with a 16-core processor, equipped with ultra-fast response time screens (<1 ms).

- SIM4LIFE development environment for simulations of the interaction of electromagnetic fields with living tissues. It includes Python scripting capabilities.

- Computable hyperrealistic human and animal models ("phantoms").

- iSeg software for segmentation and creation of virtual tumor models.

- MATLAB development platform for post-processing of medical images (resonance, computerized tomography) and multi-platform interconnection of computer modules.

- Real-time remote storage and backup of data.

Chemistry/characterisation facilities

- Fume hoods, Schlenk controlled atmosphere synthesis line, agitators / heaters, centrifuges, automatic injectors, ultrasonic baths, distillation and filtration equipment.

- Access to dispersión dinámica de luz, espectroscopías UV/VIS-FTIR y Raman, fluorímetría, termogravimetría, magnetometrías AC y DC, entre otros.