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The SpinOrbitronics group at IMDEA Nanoscience focuses the interests on solid-state physics and material science of low dimensional magnetic materials, covering epitaxial growth, surface/interface and magnetotransport characterization, nanofabrication.
The research lines of the group are:

1. Spin-Orbitronics Functional Interfaces.
Disentangling magnetoresistance responses in magnetic nanostructures: magnetization reversal vs. spin-dependent transport; magnetic anisotropies (in-plane vs. perpendicular); Magnetoresistive effects: AMR, GMR, CMR, Spin Hall effects; Symmetries and asymmetries of Spin-Orbit effects.
Novel hybrid (inorganic-organic) magnetic nanostructures: growth of artificial magnetic nanostructures; surface/interface analysis; graphene-based magnetic nanostructures.
Element and spatial resolved X-ray spectroscopy and microscopy: X-ray magnetic circular/linear dichroism (XMCD/XMLD), resonant magnetic reflectivity (XRMR), holography.

2. Oxide spinorbitronics: influence of the SO effects on the magneto-transport properties of high-k dielectric, half-metallic, ferroelectric and multiferroic perovskites.half-metallic, ferroelectric and multiferroic perovskites.