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Magnetic Nanoparticles in Biomedicine. Cell-particle Interactions

  • Prof. Angeles Villanueva Oroquieta

    PhD: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
    Double Affiliation: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
    Research: Magnetic nanoparticles in biomedicine. Cell-particle interactions
    Joining Date: January, 2010
    User Name: angeles.villanueva
    Telephone: +34 91 299 88 61
    Villanueva Oroquieta

    Dr. Angeles Villanueva is a cell biologist. Her research is mainly focused on photodynamic therapy of cancer. In the last years, she has established new collaborations with research groups in the field of mag- netic nanoparticles with applications in Medicine. She has stud ied in cell cultures: i) the mechanisms of nanoparticles internalization; ii) their subcellular localization; iii) the nano- particles biocompatibility; and iv) the identification the cell death mechanism induced by heatcontrolled intracellular hyperthermia with magnetic nanoparti- cles and an alternating magnetic field.

    Research Lines

    • Medical applications of nanoparticles.
    • Cell cultures. 
    • Biocompatibilty of magnetic nanoparticles. 
    • Mechanisms of cell death. 
    • Alterations in adhesion and cytoskeletal proteins. 
    • Liposomal drug delivery. 
    • Evaluation in cell cultures and in vivo experimental models of new antitumor agents. 
    • Signaling pathways involved in cell death.

    Relevant publications

    • “Photodynamic effects on culure tumor cells. Cytoskeleton alterations and cell death mechanisms” Villanueva A. et. col In Handbook of Photochemistry and Photobiology. Vol: 4, pp: 79-117. 2003. (Ed. H. S. Nalwa). American Scientific Publisher. California, USA
    • “Morphological criteria to distinguish cell death induced by apoptotic and necrotic treatments” Rello S., et col. Apoptosis 10: 201-8, 2005
    • “The influence of surface functionalization on the enhanced internalization of magnetic nanoparticles in cancer cells” Villanueva A., et col. Nanotechnology 20: 115103-115111, 2009