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1. Hernández, JJ; Monclús, MA; Navarro-Baena, I; Viela, F; Molina-Aldareguia JM and Rodríguez, I. ultifunctional Nano-engineered Polymer Surfaces with Enhanced Mechanical Resistance and Superhydrophobicity. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, Volume: 7, Article number: 43450. Published 2017.

2. Viela F, Granados D, Osorio M R, Ayuso A, Rodríguez I., Biomechanical Cell Regulation on High Aspect Ratio Nanoimprinted Pillars. ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS Volume: 26 pages: 5599-5609 Published: 2016. (Inside Front Cover)


F. Viela et al Adv. Funct. Mater. 2016, 26, 5599

3. Smirnov, J. R. C., Zhang, Q., Wannemacher, R., Wu, L., Casado, S., Xia, R., Rodriguez, I & Cabanillas-González, J. Flexible all-polymer waveguide for low threshold amplified spontaneous emission. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, Volume 6, Article number: 34565 Published: 2016

4. Ho, Audrey Yoke; Luong-Van, Emma; Lim, Chee Tiong; Natarajan, Sriram; Elmouelhi, Noha; Low, Hong Yee; Vyakarnam, Murty; Cooper, Kevin; Rodriguez, Isabel. Lotus bioinspired superhydrophobic, self-cleaning surfaces from hierarchically assembled templates. JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE PART B: POLYMER PHYSICS, Volume 52, pages: 603–609. Published: 2014