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    nanoscience and nanotechnology: small is different

Early Stage Researchers

Escalona Noguero

Carmen Escalona Noguero

Research: Protein Engineering
Fernandez Bartolomé

Estefania Fernandez Bartolomé

Research: Switchable nanomaterials
Fernández González

Claudia Fernández González

Research: Nanostructured electrode fabrication by electrochemical deposition
García Garrido

Eduardo García Garrido

Research: Biomachines and manipulation of macromolecules
García Soriano

David García Soriano

Research: Nanomagnetism & Biomedicine
Position: PhD Student
Gómez Cerezo

Diego Gómez Cerezo

Research: Nanomagnetics for biomedical and tecnological applications
Gonzalez Ayani

Cosme Gonzalez Ayani

Research: 2D Materials
González Sáinz

Laura González Sáinz

Research: Nanomagnetism & Biomedicine
Gudin Holgado

Adrian Gudin Holgado

Research: Functional interfaces for Spintronics
Infante Tadeo

Sonia Infante Tadeo

Research: Metallodrugs in cancer research
Jacobo Martín

Alejandra Jacobo Martín

Research: Functional Surfaces
Jesús Navarro

Juan Jesús Navarro

Research: Scanning Probe Microscopies and Surfaces
Jiménez Olalla

Nadia Alejandra Jiménez Olalla

Research: Permanent Magnets and Applications
Jimenez Urbanos

Fernando Jimenez Urbanos

Research: Center for Nanofabrication
Lafuente Gómez

Nuria Lafuente Gómez

Research: Modified oligonucleotides in nanobiomedicine: RNA interference and sensors
Latorre Lozano

Ana Bélen Latorre Lozano

Research: Biomachines and manipulation of macromolecules