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NANOFRONTMAG Nuevas fronteras del nanomagnetismo fundamental y aplicado

Prof. Rodolfo Miranda, Prof. Alberto Bollero, Prof. Julio Camarero

NANOFRONTMAG Nuevas fronteras del nanomagnetismo fundamental y aplicado
    Funding :

    Programas de Actividades de I+ D entre  grupos de investigación de la Comunidad de Madrid. Convocatoria TECNOLOGÍAS 2013. S2013/MIT-2850

    Duration: 2014 - 2018
    48 months

NANOFRONTMAG-CM is a research project framed in the R&D activities program of the Community of Madrid, cofinanced by the European Social Fund, whose development takes place between 2014 and 2018. The project, entitled “New Frontiers of Fundamental and Applied Nanomagnetism” is coordinated by Professor Rodolfo Miranda and integrates ten recognized research groups plus two laboratories from the Madrid Network in a joint Research Program with a scientific proposal comprising the fabrication, characterization and applications of both organic (single molecules, molecular films) and inorganic (nanowires, nanoparticles) magnetic nanostructures. The Consortium has more than 60 scientists in the academic groups plus companies (ITP, Tecnatom, Ingeniería Magnética Aplicada) and hospitals (HM Hospitales) involved in the objectives proposed. The Program has a strong component in the development of instruments built on the tradition of the participating instititutions. Dr. Aitziber L. Cortajarena leads IMDEA Nanociencia group, and associated scientists Prof. José Luis Vicent, Prof. Nicolás Agraït, Prof. Fernando Martín and Prof. José L. Carrascosa lead some of the groups from UCM, UAM and CNB-CSIC.