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MOFsENS Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks as Optical Gas Sensors

Dr. Juan Cabanillas

MOFsENS Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks as Optical Gas Sensors
    Funding : M-ERA.NET. PCIN-2015-169-C02-01
    Duration: 2015 - 2017
    36 months

The main objective of this project is the synthesis of gas sensitive metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and the development of optical sensors based on thin films of these materials. The main innovation in the proposed MOF is centered on the use of new fluorescent organic bridging ligands, exploiting both the emission sensing properties of the fluorophore and the excellent sorbing capabilities of the MOF structure. We will focus on the monitoring of harmful gases and chemical vapors in order to protect human health and the environment. Devices for gas monitoring which are multi-use, selective and user-friendly are widely pursued, in order to avoid hazardous exposure to deteriorated environments. Despite of the intensive research in the field of MOF materials, there are only a few examples exploiting their use as optical gas sensors. On the other hand, these studies appear outside of Europe. Thus, an EU network program as M-ERA.NET is the appropriate tool to combine the expertise and knowledge to develop the present proposal.