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FOTOCARBON Materiales avanzados de carbono para fotovoltaica molecular

Prof. Nazario Martin & Prof. Larry Luer

FOTOCARBON Materiales avanzados de carbono para fotovoltaica molecular
    Funding : Programas de Actividades de I+ D entre  grupos de investigación de la Comunidad de Madrid. Convocatoria TECNOLOGÍAS 2013. S2013/MIT-2841
    Duration: 2014 - 2018
    48 months

PHOTOCARBON is a research project entitled “Advanced carbon materials for molecular photovoltaics”. The project is framed in the R&D activities program of the Community of Madrid, cofinanced by the European Social Fund, whose development takes place between 2014 and 2018.

The aim of the project PHOTOCARBON is directed to the development of new advanced materials from different carbon nanoforms, namely fullerenes, endohedral fullerenes, fullerenes fragments, carbon nanotubes and graphene for their further study and use in the fabrication of organic photovoltaic devices. In this regard, in addition to the advanced characterization of these materials, their photophysical characterization in solution as well as in the solid state on the previously prepared devices.

The field of solar cells has undergone an outstanding progress outside of Spain and, specially in Europe. In this regard, our privileged geographical situation in terms of energy received from the Sun, should lead us to a higher development in this field in our country and in our Community of Madrid. The Program is coordinated by Prod. Nazario Martín and Dr. Larry Lüer leads IMDEA Nanociencia group.