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Two laboratories of synthesis equipped with: Ethos1 Advanced Microwave Digestion System (Milestone); ball-milling reactors, CVD systems, ovens with temperature control for solvothermal synthesis; solvothermal synthesis reactors with pressure, temperature and input reagents control; and six vacuum-lines to carry reactions under Schlenk techniques. Several ultrasounds baths with control of temperature and power (Elma, 37 kHz, 380 W) and one sonication tip. For a direct analysis of the materials, Agilent 8452 diode array spectrophotometer (190–1100 nm range), one thermostatted by a Unisoku cryostat. Voltametry device Ivium CompaqStat potentiostat interfaced with a computer. A scanning force microscope (AFM) laboratory equipped with two atmospheric AFM devices.