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    nanoscience and nanotechnology: small is different

Alberto Martín defended his doctoral thesis "Electronic and optical properties at the nanoscale studied by STM" on Dec. 18th, 2018.

  • alberto martinHow did you heard about the institute IMDEA Nanociencia? Tell us more about the beginning of the story…

It was clear for me that if I would go into research, it would be Physics. I knew IMDEA Nanociencia since its foundation, and in the fourth year of my Physics degree I started to work here with as an intern. 

  • How was the working environment at IMDEA Nanociencia? What was your most positive experience at this place?

Very good in general. What I like the most is the scientific equipment, very new and diverse. That much, that my doctorate in the end was about experimental physics, instead of theoretical physics what I was preparing for. In general the atmosphere is very good. I like very much the fair-play way of making science, always open to others and sharing at any time the scientific results with my peers. 

  • What is your next stage? Tell us more about your career expectations now.

I would like to continue in academia. My intention is to finish the investigations I was doing during my PhD, and after maybe do a post-doc stay abroad.